Robert Kennedy III

Robert Kennedy III is the president of Kennetik Kommunications, a minority owned training firm. He has been called a dynamic leadership communicator. But, at his core, he is a teacher and trainer. When he speaks, he challenges employees, executives and business leaders alike to take accountability for their current setting and then to create a bigger future for themselves.


His energetic presentations are infused with humor and keep his audiences engaged as he invites them to SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT & LEAD WELL!


Robert pulls from almost 2 decades as an educator, radio and media announcer, entrepreneur and workshop facilitator to tap into his audiences’ needs. His clients include government orgs like Social Security Administration and US Coast Guard; large non-profits like AARP and NeighborWorks America; companies like Comscore, Barnes & Noble, Panda Restaurant Group and numerous associations.


He has a mission to equip 1 million leaders with the ability to IMPACT, INFLUENCE and INSPIRE through communication and storytelling


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