Lysa Allman–Baldwin

For over 25 years, Lysa Allman-Baldwin has fed her wanderlust for “everything the world has to offer” by writing travel and feature articles for numerous print and online publications.   

A few years ago, Lysa’s travels crossed paths with a very personal, inner journey which resulted in her new book, "I Cried. And People Loved Me Anyway."  It's the story of how, due to a series of events that happened within a very short period of time, her life completely fell apart and she was literally, ready to check out.

However, through faith, self-forgiveness and a lot of unconditional love, she moved from the depths of despair to living a truly authentic life. 

Lysa’s website——showcases her experience as a gifted and sought-after motivational speaker, writer, and workshop facilitator.

Her mission—through the written and spoken word—is to inspire others to live a life full of passion, authenticity, and purpose.


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